A Word from the author

Testimonies of the Heart was birthed out of the pain that so many women experience. The Pain of Shame, Rejection, Abuse and Barriers that we may not know how to overcome. As it is written in Revelations 12:11; They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. So believing that sharing testimonies and knowing that your testimony can and will help someone else overcome limiting beliefs, pain, hurt, shame, etc. is the foundation for Testimonies of the Heart.
• It’s a Testimony of the undeniable way God will use ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
• It’s a Testimony of the undeniable consequences that follow disobedience to God’s will.
• It’s a Testimony of undeniable grace that sustains us during our most trying days.
• It’s a Testimony of undeniable events that show the true power or prayer and faith.
• It’s Testimony of the Heart, not just from the head or mouth.
I believe that the Testimony of someone can help another overcome their test.

Nadia MeChelle Harris

No Amount Of Success In The World Can Compensate For Failure In The Home!             
Obstacles are things we see when we take our eyes off our goals.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matthew 6:33 KJV


I'm filing for a Divorce!

After much evaluation of my life, my past, my present and visualizing my future It is imperative for me to move forward. I realize I can’t move forward while being hindered and distracted by my past failures, hurts, mistakes or my present issues. So I have filed for a Divorce. 
  • I am divorcing fear and Marrying Faith
  • I am divorcing hurts, pains and Marrying Healing
  • I am divorcing lack and Marrying Abundance
  • I am divorcing insecurities and Marrying Self Confidence
  • I am divorcing negative thoughts and Marrying Positive Affirmations
  • I am divorcing anger and Marrying Happiness
  • I am divorcing unbelief & Marrying Belief in Myself
  • I am divorcing death of dreams and Marrying Life (Live In Freedom Everyday)
  • I am divorcing the church and Marrying the Kingdom
    Dr. Breakthrough & Nadia
  • I am divorcing my past and Marrying My Future!!!
This divorce is FINAL!!!!! Is there anything you need to Divorce?

I am now Marrying Prosperity, Health, Happiness, Love, Success, and Infinite Money!


Foreword By: Tawana Williams - Motivational Speaker & Author of Unarmed But Dangerous


Testimonies of the heart is full of stories that will teach you life’s lessons and challenge you to share your testimony. I’ve learned that our greatest gifts in life are sharing, helping, and encouraging others to move forward in spite of what we have faced.

In this book you will be challenged. Each chapter is a real testimony with strategic methods that will teach you how to overcome any situation. It will meet you right where you are in your life.

I’ve faced many challenges in my life, too. I was born without arms, and trained to use my feet as hands. I was gang raped as a teen, raped by my step father, addicted to crack and cocaine for ten years. I’ve experienced both abortion and motherhood, so I know about facing challenges. Today, I’m a Les Brown Platinum Speaker, Author, vocalist, mother, wife and CEO. My pain was preparation for my destiny.

We all have a story, but most aren’t willing to share their story. Nadia Harris has taken real stories and testimonies to help us breakthrough our own barriers in life. I pray that after reading this book, you will open your heart and share your testimony to help someone else.

Nadia, what a blessing you are for sharing your heart felt stories with the world. Testimonies of the heart is going to be a household name and a best selling book. I’m so proud of you and honored to be your friend.

Tawana Williams
Motivational Speaker and Author of “Unarmed But Dangerous”
Tawana & Jonathan
Jonathan is the author of the book I AM